Signs of the future

​Source: Goethe Institut Südafrika

The three abstract pictures that you will find below are inspired in the idea  of "Radical Sharing" and the thoughts about the future presented by the artist Thenjiwe Nkosi and the writers Achille Mbembe and Sean O'toole in the documentary "African Futures" produced in the three concurrent festivals  in Johannesburg, Lagos and Nairobi in 2015:

On radical sharing:

"How and when does sharing become radical?
When your successes are literally my successes,
that we stop seeing a distinction between the two."

Thenjiwe Nkosi

On the future:

"Is the future a taunt?
Is the future an event or is it an idea?
Is the future a perpetual horizon?
Is the future post-political? post-social? post-technological?
Is the future post-human?"

Sean O'toole

"...I will like to insist that, the future of Africa, is not only an African question, it is a planetary question"

Achille Mbembe

I see the future as a reflection. Whatever I saw, lived, or felt is what I can dream with.

Ich sehe der Zukunft als eine Reflexion. Dass was ich gesehen, gelebt und gefühlt habe, ist dass wovon ich träumen kann.

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